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Insurance World Challenges 2017

15 June, 2017 - 16 June, 2017

Insurance World Challenges 2017 is a major international conference that will bring together leading exponents from the insurance industry in Spain and abroad in order to share, discuss and reflect on future challenges and trends faced by the sector on a global leve


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Insurance World Challenges 2017 is a major international conference that will bring together leading exponents from the insurance industry in Spain and abroad in order to share, discuss and reflect on future challenges and trends faced by the sector on a global level.

International experts will share their knowledge and the best practices on the challenges posed by the digital age, innovation and talent, among other topics.

We will discuss how the insurance industry can leverage the implementation of blockchain technology to strengthen key issues for organisations (effective detection of fraud, simplification of underwriting processes, etc.)

We will see how the IoT – Internet of things – impacts and provides opportunities for the insurance industry. There are three types of technologies that will have an impact on the industry: connected ecosystems, integrated technologies and smart devices. The connected environment and its data will help the industry cut down on costs, adjust forecasts, boost customer loyalty, create new value-added services and streamline pricing in line with the individual’s profile.

By 2020, according to predictions from numerous studies, more than 7 million individuals and businesses and over 35 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. Connectivity will be the norm and many objects will ‘come to life’, connecting up with others and subsequently exchanging data and integrating intelligence into processes. A new world is emerging, the digital world, where the boundaries between the physical and the virtual are becoming blurred, and new business opportunities and models are being created to seize the value of combining people, processes and things. It is the era of digital business.

Another of the key issues for the insurance industry is cybersecurity, which is not just a need arising from the increasing connectivity of the devices we use, but also an opportunity to strengthen the competitive advantage of companies by offering more secure products and services to help them stand out above the rest.

Internet connectivity and artificial intelligence have boosted the possibilities of optimising processes, developing products and gaining cutting-edge features. What’s more, the ability of these systems to collect and process data thanks to sensing technologies and big data analytics is triggering the advent of associated businesses.

The cybersecurity industry in Spain and in Europe is a strategic sector both security-wise and for promoting the economic and social development of the information society.

According to the latest data (ICEA), the ‘health & wealth’ insurance sector already has more than 11 million customers in Spain. Around the world, governments, health systems, insurers and consumers are in a persistent quest to find a balance between meeting the growing demand for healthcare services and reducing the costs of them.

We will see how digital innovations open up new possibilities for diagnosis and treatment, increase the efficiency of processes and cut down on costs. Technological advances connect developed markets with emerging markets and with all agents involved in the value chain of healthcare.

What impact will this unstoppable flow of technological innovation have on healthcare providers? How does digital business impact hospitals and clinics? Is the healthcare industry ready for this new wave of technologies? How can they be leveraged to be a leader in the future?

InsurTechs are accelerating digital transformation and contributing to an overhaul of the insurance industry. At “InsurTech Pitch Market” we will have the opportunity to meet InsurTechs that are making inroads into the market.

Customer demands, the evolution of technology and the emergence of new players are challenging the status quo in the insurance industry. According to the consulting firm everis, these trends have led to the creation of the InsurTech ecosystem, made up by insurance companies, technology multinationals and startups, which in 2015 registered investments of 3.1 billion dollars into new companies, 750% more than in 2013.

everis also says that although insurance wasa very traditional industry, it has evolved over the last two years and there will be major changes over the next few years.

The 2016 InsurTech Panorama  report, conducted by the consulting firm, indicates that the new scenario has been driven primarily by startups such as the German company Friendsurance and the US-based PolicyGenius, defying the traditional business model with a tailor-made offer and a close relationship with customers. What’s more, they compete with a low cost structure thanks to the use of technology.

The conference is relevant for the entire insurance industry in its need to understand transformation to develop appropriate levers for growth, innovation, customer trends, digitisation and new leadership talent skills.

Aimed at CEOs, talent and HR managers, insurance brokers and agents, directors of insurance institutions, directors and heads of strategy and business development, innovation, distribution channels, bancassurance, alliances and insurance, retail & branch networks, product and service development/innovation, risk management, customer relationship and segmentation, or sales and marketing.

It is a unique opportunity to take part in a networking event where international experts will meet to exchange experiences and map out the transformation of the insurance industry of the future.

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15 June, 2017
16 June, 2017
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