Nacho Villoch Generator of contents on Innovation and Digital Transformation

    Nacho Villoch

    Ignacio Villoch is a well recognized generator of contents on Innovation and Digital Transformation, his field of expertise he has been working professionally for more than a decade. He has lived and worked in 4 continents in management positions of business development in the financial industry.

    Author of business novels such as “Diana’s Adventure. Entrepreneurship against all odds in the Blue Ocean” or ” Yago´s Challenge: the quest of the sources of talent “, actively participates as a mentor, inspirer, advisor or promoter in various communities and entrepreneurship projects.

    Guest lecturer and professor in programs of innovation, creativity and digital transformation of business schools and inspirational lecturer and facilitator in institutional and corporate events. Recognized with the Top Social Executive Award by Linkedin in 2016

    Currently he manages the creation of BBVA’s Fintech ecosystems, from where he promotes the digital transformation of the financial industry through open innovation dynamics.